23 December 2020
  • publish bb/filesystem-overwrites the module in charge of mapping existing directories in Magento to Remote file systems

  • break the dependency between bb/filesystem-catalog, bb/filesystem-cms and bb/filesystem-downloadable modules in order to allow independent installation and usage.

    • most probably the media directory will be separated by the type of the module using it
    • multiple frontend URLs based on media storage of subdirectory
    • avoid forcing usage of just one media storage for Catalog and Cms components
15 January 2021
  • compatibility for Linode Object storage and Digital Ocean Block Storage
1 February 2021
Publish new filesystem driver for Azure Blob Storage
1 March 2021
Publish new filesystem driver for Google Storage Service
1 July 2021
  • integrate all refactoring and fixes into the Magento Community project.

    • Here we are talking of places where the filesystem component is not properly used in Magento Core: bb/filesystem-catalog, bb/filesystem-cms and bb/filesystem-downloadable

Future work


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future work
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