This demo page will guide you through the main features affected by media file relocation. In this scenario, the extension is configured to map pub/media files to the external filesystem Amazon S3.

Even if there are some configuration needed or some changes in the codebase, the overall system should become more robust after a proper configuration.

Keep in mind that depending on the implementation of other 3rd party extensions, the installation of these modules may cause some errors on the existing codebase in places where the Filesystem object is not used properly. .. include:: ./../messages.rst .. contents:: Table of Contents


Speaking about website management panel, the way admin user will interact with the website will not be changed, in any meaner:

  • no additional requests will be made then the Magento core ones
  • no extra data is transferred to the server or stored in the database
  • no synchronization needed besides the first setup synchronization
  • no duplicate media files will be saved once the application is successfully configured

NEXT_MINOR_RELEASE Even if the extension will be configured by environment configuration, there is a monitoring panel in admin, where admin users can perform basic checks of configuration setup and visualize statistics about the setup.


Images delivery

As already discussed, with these modules we manage two types of images:

  • resized/processed images should be delivered using a proxy server that can grab the original version of the image, process it, save the result into storage service for later use, and in the end send results.

    Frontend demo
    • if debug mode is configured in a proxy configuration, you can see that the request goes to actually needed image from the cloud
    Frontend demo mapping
  • raw images delivered without any processing and can be delivered by the public link of the storage service.

CDN delivery

In any case, the solution can always contain a CDN (content delivery network) to optimize the download speed and even more avoid hitting the website infrastructure.

Extension in action

Below you can see a test setup that will prove the versatility of this extensions group.

You will find all the key features explained during this documentation in few images to understand the usage.

Keep in mind that during this demo session the local disk of the application server is never touched in the media directory, all files are stored in configured storage service:

  • products images and cms pages and blocks images are stored in local Minio storage service
  • downloadable products attachments are stored in Amazon S3, private bucket