Filesystem drivers

For now, only Amazon S3 storage service is supported by this filesystem extension, but many will integration extensions will be available to purchase soon. All news about the extension road-map will be published here.


  • This project is under active development phase, and there are plans for a bunch of new features or Magento 2 Community platform refactoring. You can check there plans on Project Roadmap.
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S3 Driver Extension for Magento 2

Integrating the Amazon S3 filesystem in Magento is available by installing the package bb/filesystem-s3 containing the module named bb/filesystem-s3.

Note that this module depends on the main module bb/filesystem (at an additional cost) to be able to properly configure the connection and define new directories or mapping existing directories.

The package depends on aws/aws-sdk-php: 3.x and bb/filesystem: 1.x, so, if you install it from the source you also need to install those package.

After installation follows the general configuration process available here.